【Eat and support!】Here is tons of vegan sweets and breads!  Take away &online shop lists.

【Eat and support!】Here is tons of vegan sweets and breads!  Take away &online shop lists.

【Eat and support!】Here is tons of vegan sweets and breads!  Take away lists and be delighted in scrumptious foods at home. ( patisseries and breads) 【Vege for peace】


  • NOJIRI KEIKU: Fukui 


Stunning shaped vegan cakes are significant items.  They are made from natural sweet flavors and homemade fermented items.  The door was opened last year but the popularity is already remarkable.  They’ve been picked up in magazines and keep hook folks.

“We, NOJIRI KEIKU, a sweets store is in Sabae, Fukui.  Our items are packed with vibrant ingredients which is harmonized with Japanese ingredients and our original essence.  Healthy and guilt-free sweets wait you.  Domestic shipping is available.  We would like to assist your time at home and make you smile, so each item ordered are made with our warmest heart.


【Some items】Green tea of Gyokuro cake (Raw, vegan, gluten-free, It’s our No1 item)

Monbran with Naruto-kintoki sweet potato and salted vanilla (Raw, vegan, gluten-free)

Mike crepe (Vegan), Canele(Vegan, gluten-free)



:Tokyo (Web: https://alaskazwei.theshop.jp/ FB: https://www.facebook.com/alaskazwei/)

Once you step into the gate, you can feel nostalgic.  Here is an oasis in busy city.  Vegan and multiple ethnic foods get people to be a huge fan of them.  They offer cakes, other sweets, organic vegetables and rice as well as dishes enriching our lives online site.

“You can find and buy our popular baked sweets, vegan spices and everyday life items purchased by our owner.   

Plus, why not give a shot our original cake mix for vegan cup cake with the simple recipe at home?

I highly recommend you purchasing the cake mix as a gift for your friends and family.  It would amaze and make them happy.

【Some items】Vegan lemon cake, Vegan and gluten-free garbanzo beans cookies, Vegan carrot cake…



  • : Kanagawa (https://fetele-marche.com/)

Our heartwarming items are packed with malted rice which helps your stomach rejuvenate.  All sweets are gluten-free and some of them are vegan.  Our items are made with as many local ingredients in Kyushyu as possible because the area is where our owner grew up.  

【Some items】Vegan and gluten-free gateau chocolat, muffins


It’s online shop produced by Ms. Hona Mori who owns raw food school in Fukushima.  

Her extraordinary lessons such as raw sweets and kitchen healer are exceptionally popular, so many fans travel from outside of Fukushima to take them.

“I send customers items with a small gift during this pandemic situation.  I believe that eating healthfully and choosing items for our planet would mitigate this crisis. I would love to spread veganism to all even though it is literally hard time for us.”

【some items】Raw granola, cake,


Online is only for vegan but non- vegan items are available in eat in.

Further information for the shop (https://oishiilabo.shopinfo.jp/)


We welcome customers in Fujimi- city, Saitama.  You can enjoy naturally and organically grown vegetables and wine.  Chef. Narita is a well-known for a cooking book “Beyond your imagination! Eye-opening plant-based food recipes”.  You can thoroughly feel how each cuisine are cooked wholeheartedly.  

You can soak up online shopping for vegan sweets and breads (NO artificial ingredients).  They use no chemical and pesticide flour produced in Japan and natural yeast.


They are a pioneer of vegan restaurant in Japan.  They are frequently introduced on TV and in magazines.  Their exquisite and elegant cuisines keep staying fan with them for a long time.  


【Some items】Vegan tiramisu, vegan raisin sand, vegan and gluten free cookies…


"We firstly opened our store in Ginza and then have expanded our locations in Shinjuku sancho-me, Ikebukuro, Kabuki-cho and eventually Kawaramachi, Kyoto.

Our sweets are completely vegan.  Each ingredient is carefully selected as well as each item is made with the warmest heart.  We hope our items can aid you to create mindful time."


Further information: (https://instagram.com/protea_3beans?igshid=10p9dvn8zuk6)

They used to offer us natural yeast breads in vegan festivals, but they opened their door as a local vegan café.  Their fans are delighted in their everyday café menu and can also enjoy online shopping.  Ingredients are carefully selected.  Also, they’re working on gluten and nuts free items, so they would pop up soon.

【Some items】Natural cookie BOX (Vegan)

*No refined sugar added

Texture enhanced of the cookies satisfy you even small portion.

Gift wrapping is available if you leave a comment in the order form.

“Our café is located in Senkawa, Cyoufu-city and sell baked items, natural yeast steamed breads as well as a BENTO delivery.  All is for vegan, namely, they’re kids-friendly.  We’re dedicated to make meals only with ingredients carefully selected. “


They own a grocery store and a vegan restaurant featured Vegan, Organic and Sustainable in a farmer’s market in Aoyama.  It’s a famed restaurant and hooks me, so I always go back there when I visit Nasu.


Doughnuts, gateau chocolat, parmesan cheese etc…

Tiramisu and whipped cream doughnuts made with garbanzo beans and cashew nuts are highly recommended.


"Our doughnuts are made with 100% spelt flour.  They’re fried deeply in cold-pressed coconuts oil, packed with homemade whipped cream and coated with chocolate.

All items including whipped cream are made with organic ingredients.  It’s literally mind-blowing vegan doughnuts ever.  
『All Vegan』 『100%Organic』 『100% spelt flour』

We offer you sweets and breads with ingredients carefully selected both of online and in farmer’s market in Aoyama.

Here is our popular items: decadent doughnuts with mountain of whipped cream, vegan and gluten-free tiramisu, breads and sweets with 100% spelt flour, gluten-free sweets with garbanzo beans flour.  Fulfilling vegan foods made with 100% organic ingredients wait for you in our restaurant in Nasu.”


Our foods are plant-based and above that, all is made with no refined sugar, no artificial items and as many local and organically grown vegetables as possible.  

Rice served is harvested based on natural farming.  Beer, wine (Sulfites free) and sidle are also organic.  You can explore a variety of natural-fermented Japanese sake. 




Gluten-free mix flour with garbanzo beans and grains (with QR code for the recipe), soy and low carb nuts cookies etc…


Beginning of their story is back to 20 years.  All items are organic and fair-trade, and popularity in each event is significant.  

Their roasted machine can work only if a certain amount is filled; therefore, they can’t roast as long as they take orders from customers. In this way, they are affected this pandemic situation exponentially.

“Our shop was founded in 2000 and specializes for organic and fair-trade.  We keep proposing slow life style with a cup of coffee.  Our top two items are Beyond Coffee featured being harmonious with forest and a series of caffeine less coffee for pregnant and those who refrain caffeine.”



【Items】Beyond Coffee, French roast, Decaf etc…

You can purchase a limited gift box online.

 Decaf coffee marble sable (vegan and gluten-free) *It’s one of remarkable items in Isetan department + Decaf au lait of Slow Coffee   


Our concept is sweets for our mind and body by being utilized and maximized each power of ingredients.  We use only items grown organically or naturally in Japan and make each item with our warmest hearts so that everybody can enjoy each bite.


【Items】Vegan cookies etc…

Apart from our online shopping, we happily take your orders and send you by cool delivery for muffins and gateau chocolat (vegan and gluten-free).


  • Café Komugi

  • Hokkaido

(https://cafekomugi.com/pancakemix.html, https://cafekomugi.com/index.html#tanjyou)

New pancake mix pops up from Hokaidou.  It’s for vegan as well as made with ancient wheat.  The wheat is origin of our day-to-day flour, so they are nearly no process of selective crops.


【Items】・Pancake mix with dinkel flour made in Hokaidou (4 different types available)

・Coarse-grinded Plain (It would be a perfect combination with salt or olive oil for each meal)

・Organic Plain (It’s sweet pancake mix)

・Premium Cacao (It’s made with cacao nibu)

・Macha (It’s added freeze dried beans in Biei city)

A picture above is for Coarse-grinded Plain


The more you chew, the more you can be delighted in a deep flavor of dinkel flour.

We are located in Ebestu city.  You can have variety of pancakes, burgers made with Coarse-grinded plain and whole wheat bread made with dinkel flour at our café.

Our items are not included eggs and milk as well as flour is any more than ancient flour.  Therefore, they can smile for everyone even if you care about allergies as well as vegan and vegetarian.


Shop information (https://chouchou-sweets.com/)


3 selectable vegan raw chocolates, grain sorghum pancake mix, vegan raw cakes, baked items etc…

Many people generally think that sweets considered health and allergies are not filling.  However, our deep flavors make you mind-blowing and they surely indulge you.  They are also famous in events of departments.

“Our items are completely with NO eggs, dairy products, flours and refined sugar.

We opened our shop to expand multiple choices for those who have food allergies, health consciousness and for vegan.  We uniquely make each sweet to make you get excited and chuckle when you see them.  Nothing makes us happy if you spend bountiful time while having our sweets.”


Every single item is made with their warmest hearts with NO dairies, eggs and refined sugar.  Their items are also predominant in a farmer’s market in Aoyama.  This chaotic situation hugely affects their business due to cancellation of all lessons and Marches.

There are three concepts as their vegan items are made with our warmest hearts.  Ingredients selected carefully, Being aesthetic like patisseries, Being healthy but filling



【Items】crunchy vanilla sables, fruits pound cakes, gift sets (items selected, natural sweets, monthly delivery) etc…


Their sweets are totally decent in departments and events.  They are also free for gluten, dairy, peanuts, refined sugar and artificial.  You can explore their raw sweets as well as gluten-free baked items.


The capitalized letter M, O, R are stood for; Mind, Organic, Relax, respectively.  They hope that their products can aid your healthy mind.


【Items】Berry snowball cookies, chocolate sand cookies, regular goody delivery for gluten-free baked items



There are a bunch of vegan products such as fruits raw bite produced by MiACHiA, which is originally from Indonesia, local items in Kyushu area.

“We actively promote to spreading food diversity from Chikugo area in Fukuoka.  Above that, we endeavor to let Japanese citizens raise their awareness for veganism in events. 

We strive to minimize the delivery cost for customers as well.”

Fruit raw bite (It’s a brand new item in Japan)

(Reference: https://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/ryositukeikaku/miachia-2set.html)


Vegan ramen (Flavors: Soy sauce/ Miso) (NO animal products and artificial ingredients) 

(Reference: https://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/ryositukeikaku/vegan-ramen.html)


Orange chips (It’s utilized the peals.)

(Reference: https://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/ryositukeikaku/mikan-chips-25g.html


Shitake mushroom chips (It’s made of pressed and baked mushrooms)



Ginger powder (It’s made of organic ginger in Oita prefecture certified by JAS)

(Reference: https://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/ryositukeikaku/4957376090127.html)



  • Kagawa 


They have been offering oriental-vegan French foods for more than 20 year.  They spread their souls; deliciousness of vegetables, grace of nature and dignity of live by maximizing their own nature of each ingredient.  French style of Buddhist vegetarian meal are integrated in Japanese Buddhist meals and Chinese vegetarian meals; its are generated by LE PEYSAN.  All is cooked with neither animal-based products nor five pungent root vegetables (green onion, Chinese chive, chalet, garlic, onion)  


【Items】Vegan whole cake, mont blanc , strawberry cakes etc…


Shop information (https://www.veganstore.jp/)

The vegan convenience store and family restaurant was opened in a very first place.  We now can purchase items sold in the store through their online shopping.  They stock up abundance of items; pre-cooked or frozen items such as vegan curries, rice, breads, spices and vegan meat like vegan hum.  They also support locals by selling daily necessary items; bamboo cutleries, towels and detergents.  Their local support will be expanded and firm-fresh products like edible wild plants and flowers are also popped up soon.

You can find vegan tarts produced by DAUGHTER BOUTIQUE TOKYO, which is decent in pop-ups in departments, rice-based ice cream and etc…



The café attaches a live house; its bridges between food and music.  You can also enjoy notable vegan meals at home.


【Items】Vegan banana tarts, fruits tarts, rakanka fruit chocolate cakes

The vegan whole cake was introduced on TV.  There are many options for delivery available, for example, kits to make popular menu of their café at home and time-saving kits for everyday meals.  One of the kits are vegan ramen called Mamera, which is top-rated item at café.  All can be ordered by LINE, phone and email.  If you live nearby, we can directly deliver our takeaway menu to your house.  We can send them by shipping if you are outside of our area.


Based on her concept Sustainable, they opened their door in Nakameguro in 2017.  You can enjoy vegan foods with vegetables farmed naturally.  Lifelong customers have been hooked before the restaurant gained their fame because of generosity of the couples.  You can purchase their original vegan ice cream in their online shopping.  Their notable ice cream is made from organic ingredients with high quality with NO food additives and preservatives.  The taste is amazingly milky.


Shop information (https://www.facebook.com/Guruatsu/)

You can purchase a gift box packed with vegan and non-oil Tofu muffins and soy milk scones.  The combo was literally popular in farmer’s market.  Each item has less than 200 calories.  Be sure to check out their web page for the further information because they can be delivered on dates specified.


Their Japanese sweets are evolutional because all items are vegan, gluten-free, organic, non-additives and non-refined.  The sweetness comes out only from organic agave syrup. People can expect that their items aid their stability of blood sugar as well as rejuvenate their blood circulation and eventually get back to their kindness mentally and physically.   


【Items】Fluffy and soft red beans pancakes (Dorayaki) with buttery flavor, Daifuku mochi and etc…


We keep updating the shop information above.  We hope that you can get together with us to support amazing works listed above for our health as well as planet, and ultimately bridge to the better future!


Please note that the information above is the newest as we posted; therefore, their offers would be closed without any announcement.  Please directly contact each shop for their latest information. 


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