Crowd funding to Save Japan vegan & vegan-friendly restaurants. Through discount tickets!

Crowd funding to Save Japan vegan &  vegan-friendly restaurants. Through discount tickets!

Crowd funding to Save Japan vegan & vegan-friendly restaurants.Through discount tickets!

Due to the corona virus situation, interest in healthy, eco-friendly vegan food, is growing globally.

However, our vegan restaurants in Japan have been especially hard hit by the pandemic, and many are in danger of bankruptcy.
We started this project out of a strong desire to save the Japan vegan restaurant sector.

Let’s work together to support our vegan restaurants through these hard times.

↓↓↓Page of this project↓↓↓ Nice to meet you! "

Vege for Peace" was created  by volunteers from the vegan industry to support veg & vegan-related stores, companies and producers.

The nation's first vegan-related corona support project,  the concept is“Connecting delicious vegan to the future”


So far, we have created a takeout map for Veggie /vegan food, disseminated information on restaurants, and provided comprehensive support to vegan restaurants, who have been hit harder by the corona virus situation than regular eateries.


One reason for this is price. Veggie food is often more expensive, as there is an emphasis on choosing organic vegetables, ingredients and seasonings in consideration of the health of customers.


Another reason is the decrease in foreign tourists. The Japanese vegan hospitality industry has responded to the need for diversity in food faster than other sectors, and as such,  are more affected by the drop in tourism .


The number of foreign visitors to Japan in April 2020 decreased by 99.9% year-on-year to just 2,900.(Research by the Japanese Government Tourism Bureau).

It  is expected that it will take some time for foreign tourists to return, so medium- to long-term support is required.

At the moment, everyone in the sector is working hard  to adapt to the challenges, and keep their businesses alive. Everyday is a struggle. Every day is difficult.  So, we launched crowdfunding to help educe their burden in these uncertain times.

Have you ever eaten a dish made entirely of vegetables? The only restaurants participating in this project are ones that serve delicious food,  and would never consider serving meat nor fish! Many people say their bodies feel lighter after eating in them.

Saving a vegan eatery also saves many organic vegetable growers.

Please help us save the restaurants and the Vegan food industry.

Vegan foods are also vital for us if we want to  createcarbon neutral societies. 

It is said that the best thing you can do for the planet, as an individual, is to adopt a vegan diet.

Again, thank you so much for your support.

2020 is said to be the first year of  the vegan in Japan, and  we are seeing an unprecedented alternative meat boom.

There are many reasons why behind the choice for vegan such as health, beauty, illness, allergies, consideration for environment and, of course, animals.

The businesses we support are all passionate about meeting the needs of customers, whatever their dietary restrictions or nationality.

A Veggie Restaurant is a place where a lot of smiles and happy times are born, because everyone can sit around a table and eat together.

Japanese food”,  which has been registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, and is famous for its Umami, was traditionally based on vegetables and cereals.( Shogun Ryoori).

After the current pandemic is over, a lot of people around the world are looking forward to coming to Japan to taste our deliciousfoods again.

We hope we can support each other  to create even better Japanese food and to make people all over the world smile.

We hope that this project will contribute to the health and wellbeing of the planet and its inhabitants and that you will also enjoy finding your new favourite restaurants.

ー[Introduction of support methods]

There are two ways to support.  

①Support designated stores

Purchase a meal tickets for a designated store!

The  ticket value is +10% on the purchase price

(For example  Pay 3000 yen Ticket value 3300 yen)


Please see the list of participating stores.

Please be sure to write the specified [store name] in the remarks column.

Support by buying a "meal ticket" (support a specific store of your choice) 

We will send you a “meal ticket” that can be used at the restaurant of your choice.

* Please make sure to write the store of your choice. If you do not write any name, we will register your donation as (2) Support for all stores in general

♢ 3000 yen → 3300 yen meal ticket for restaurant of your choice ♢ 5000 yen → 5500 yen meal ticket for your desired restaurant ♢ 10,000 yen → Meal ticket for 11,000 yen at your desired restaurant

Tickets are valid from   early August until January 31, 2021.

If  there are any unforeseen closures of restaurants, we’ll announce that as soon as possible. 

Thank for your kind understanding that we will not be able offer a refund or an alternative tickets in this case.  

Please present both your ID and the ticket at the restaurant.

For business hours, contact each restaurant directly.

Please note that it’s no change given.

Tickets cannot be used when ordering using external services such as Uber Eats, online shopping, etc.

The tickets are available only for foods, not for any other products on sale in the stores.

The purchase price of each ticket is 1,100 yen. Purchase Value is 1,100 yen

Support for "All stores participating in this project" 

Donation - Free to choose

The collected amount minus the campfire fee of 5% will be divided equally to support the participating stores.

You will receive a thank you message.

Those who will support us with more than10,000 yen, will be introduce the on the "Vege for peace" HP!

If you do not want to be introduced, please fill in the [Remarks] column with [No introduction] .

※No meal ticket available with this option.

Please see the list for participating stores.

Thank You for Supporting our Community.


ー List of participating stores

Please refer to this URL


・ June,Crowdfunding start ・Sunday, July 26th Crowdfunding end ・ From late July , meal tickets will be shipped. ・ Meal tickets can be used at each restaurant from early  August. (Ticket is valid until Sunday, January 31, 2021) This project will be implemented as an all-in method. If we don't meet our target amount, we will carry out your plan/deliver you a return.

How to apply

↓↓↓Page of this project↓↓↓ ①Click here. ②Select a course. ③You can set up a price in the blank by yourself to support your favorite restaurant. ④Write your email address. ⑤Choose a payment method such as credit card. ⑥Write  your name, zip code, address (prefecture, city, street number, building name and room number), and phone number.     ⑦Please make sure to write the store of your choice. ⑧If you chose Ain Soph and Tsuruhiko, please write the location of the store. ⑨Please click here.   ↓↓↓Page of this project↓↓↓        


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